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Resolve to Climb the Corporate Ladder in 2014

January 29, 2014

The New Year is all about new opportunities—new wardrobe, new exercise routine, new diet. Why not apply similar resolutions to your work life? At Sherpa, professional development is important to us; not just internally but for the employees we place as well. We love nothing more than hearing stories of our employees climbing the corporate ladder in a company we’ve placed them in.

Let us help you do the same! Make 2014 a year of growth, both personally and corporately. Here are a few takeaways to get you there:

  • Be Innovative. Solve problems, find new paths, develop a new, profitable initiative. Your bosses want to see that you’re forward thinking and dedicated to your job.
  • Get Involved. Raise your hand and involve yourself in as many good opportunities as you can. If there’s a new project launching, a new committee forming or a leadership training program starting, sign up! Look for opportunities where you can rise to the top and stand out.
  • Mentor and be mentored. Seek out someone higher up or more experienced than you to be your corporate mentor. Allow them to pour into you and help you navigate the corporate waters. Do the same for any new employees in the building. Not only will it cultivate a cohesive team mentality, it will show your bosses that you’re a leader.

“In today’s corporate environment it’s your responsibility to take ownership of your career path.  Gone are the days of guaranteed raises and/or annual promotions.  If you want a raise, a promotion, a new role, you have to ask for it and have the supporting business case to prove that you deserve it.  Be realistic, know your environment, and always be professional in your approach.” – Kori Renn, Sherpa Senior Account Manager  

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